As random as it may sound but yes, there IS an ideal room temperature for workout. As you would know, there are multiple factors that work in tandem to make a workout session successful. Room temperature being one of them. In outdoor workouts, temperature cannot be controlled and since it is natural with more air and usually sunlight, it does the body good.

But it becomes important when it comes to indoor / closed room workouts, such as in gym or fitness studios.


Physical Exercise for Brain Development and Stimulation

It cannot be emphasised enough that working out help us not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It is a well-known fact that exercise stimulates the brain and help release dopamine, which is the happy hormone. That is why you must have heard many times that people went for a run or hit the gym because they were feeling low.

But did you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg? Exercising has numerous benefits for the brain development. Today, let’s explore those.

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Understanding Hunger – Mindful Eating

We have found ourselves saying, “I am always hungry” or “I don’t feel hungry at all”. Hunger – this is such a common word that we’ve lived all our lives with and yet, we don’t truly understand the term completely. It is this hunger that makes us eat, not eat or over eat. We’ve heard people tell us, “Eat only till you’re full”. Yet, we tend to stuff ourselves, saying our hunger is insatiable. And end up gaining weight because of the calorie surplus.

Seems like a simple thing, yet we go wrong. Today, let’s understand hunger better to help resort to Mindful Eating for a healthier and fitter body.

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Benefits of Flexibility

More often than not, you would have stumbled upon this word – FLEXIBILITY. Many times it is either yourself or your fitness trainer who says you are/are not flexible enough. When you cannot push or stretch a muscle beyond a certain point, you say you aren’t very flexible. And many a times, you find yourself in a position that hurts or even cramps a muscle (set) because of low flexibility. While this term is easily skipped in fitness, it is equally important in overall well-being as it improves body’s day to day agility and performance.

Today, explore the importance of flexibility and how stretching can help you be your flexible best.

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Ever heard of stretching? Be it muscle soreness, a catch in the muscle, inflexibility, or simply an ache in your joints, you would have had either your doctor, your trainer or a friend suggest stretching that muscle. That’s right. Stretching releases all this and much more.

Today, let’s understand the importance of stretching,types of stretching exercises and their benefits better.

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Workouts – Period’s Best Friend

Girls! We know what a messy pain period can be. Regardless of how much or how less your period cramps hurt, there is no denying that the hormonal changes during PMS and periods can make us extremely moody. And it also tires us out mentally and physically. Resting is usually recommended as it helps us. But what we don’t realize is that working out during periods can be of an ever greater help. I’ll just say it – Workouts are a period’s best friend. Period.

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Sunbathing and its benefits for the body

In simple terms, this is Sunbathing. This means getting outdoors and getting your dose of Vitamin D. With most of us living in concrete jungles, we rarely get our share of the sun or rather, a chance to stay in the sun. We don’t realize when missing out on sun causes multiple deficiencies in our body, leading to many health problems.

Even though there is the fear of tanning and UV rays, sunbathing has invaluable benefits when done in moderation.

Keeping this in mind, and also its innumerable benefits, let’s explore the importance of Sunning and how to do it right.

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Destination Workout

A new trend in the fitness industry is Destination Workouts. What are they you ask? It’s about a fitness and travel enthusiast traveling to various locations all across and working out in a natural environment. It gives a raw feel when you work out amidst nature and with no gym equipment support.

The workout focuses on strength training as well as cardio, while using your body weight and what nature has to offer. Sometimes, a few people also include basic equipment if nothing is available in the surroundings. The impact is not only on your physical body but also your mental well-being as nature makes you happy!

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